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Meetings and Events

The CROWN HALL at SPS Kingsway will provide an exquisite setting for honoring high level meetings and upscale lighting conferences. The CROWN HALL of SPS Kingsway always stood as a state of the art business and conference centre. The hall is facilitated with all high level technical amenities that a business traveler require. The hall is well equipped for conducting audio and video presentations for meetings and can accommodate more number of guests at a time

Meetings & Conferences

The SPS Kingsway provides all ample facilities with excellent technological improvements to support every focusing point of business conferences

Dinning Services

The well trained chefs of SPS Kingsway will always be on hand of business guests to serve them with a tasty dining, wine & drink that boost the deal

Hall Amenities

The CROWN HALL of SPS Kingsway is well furnished with every promoted amenities that offer a glad and interesting atmosphere on the meeting

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Feel free to ask us